Computer Forensics

Internet History - The story of your life

Many people are unaware that their computer retains a hidden detailed narrative of their entire online life. From that early morning check of emails, to the lunchtime shopping or chatting to online contacts, through to the early hours dating site that no-one else was supposed to find.

Since the dawn of internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, amongst others) they have all done one thing very well which is to record activity. Smarter users clear their internet history but that only prevents the information from being viewed by other users of the PC.

Using specialist techniques, our highly experienced computer forensics examiner can interrogate your computer for this information and produce it in a printed or electronically searchable format. It is possible to provide a site by site, blow by blow account of all online activities going back weeks, months or sometimes years.

In addition our computer forensics examiner is able to locate documents (for example Word, Excel, Powerpoint) which the more careful user has deleted and then cleared from the recycle bin. Again, this process doesn’t actually delete the information and we can find not only the content but also when the documents were opened and what they were named. Password-protected documents can be accessed and this is something we also offer as a stand-alone service.

There is no escape! If it has been looked at on the computer, then it is highly likely that we can tell you where, when, what, and for how long.

We undertake digital investigations for matrimonial disputes, for intellectual property theft and copyright issues, online identity theft, forensic accounting matters and libel cases. The reports produced by our examiner are to the standards required by civil and criminal courts worldwide. Our examiner also has many years’ experience in attending court as an expert witness for the prosecution and defence, and in civil cases.

Mobile phone forensics

Increasingly, mobile phones provide users with the facility to carry out many things other than making phone calls. Even when deleted, all these activities leave tracks which, in most cases, our forensics expert can uncover. This includes call data, SMS and MMS/picture messages, photographs, internet/email activity and diary entries. We also offer a SIM card service which allows the recovery of certain deleted items from the SIM itself.

Satellite navigation forensics

Our forensics examiner can obtain deleted information from various satnav devices, including journeys travelled, planned routes, stored favourite places, and details of telephone calls made from devices which support calls. The information found can be plotted on Google Earth so a client can log on to the internet and see a visual depiction of routes driven, locations and other information.

If you would like to know more about how our forensic services would assist you, please contact us.